Life Coaching Versus Therapy: The 7 Benefits To Hiring A Coach

Feeling stuck, but wanting to reach lifestyle and relationship success that much quicker? Here are the 7 differences between life coaching and therapy and why you should hire a coach. Trust us when we say everyone in your life will be saying “WOW” and will want to know your secret sauce to success. #lifecoaching #relationshipcoach #success #goals #couplegoals #lifehacks #lifetips

We get asked a lot, how is coaching different from therapy? 

Growing up you may have played sports or perhaps you were on the dance team, either way, you had a coach. Each week you went to practice and learned new skills to become the best at your favorite activity. You were in it to win it, not only as a team but for yourself. 

The more you practiced, the sharper your skills became giving you that excitement of feeling unstoppable. And, every scheduled practice you had a coach by your side guiding and cheering you on to your goal of becoming the best dancer or football player. They advised you on the best actionable steps, believed in you, and encouraged you to show up every week to achieve your dream. 

That is the same method applied behind relationship and lifestyle coaching. You make weekly progress, learn new skills, and strategize to catapult you to create the success you desire and ultimately deserve. 

Those who have the inner drive to surpass complacency know the answer is having a coach. 

On the contrary, therapy only provides an understanding as to why you may be experiencing the setback you’re facing or what is keeping you stuck. While we provide a similar understanding with our Masters of Arts in Psychology; however, we believe your ultimate happiness can only come from getting unstuck and moving forward with an actionable plan. 

7 Benefits To Hiring a Coach And Investing In Yourself:

1.Positive Mindset

Your mindset is the number one asset you need to accomplish goals and achieve success. If your mind is rooted in negative thought patterns and full of self-doubt beliefs, reaching any goal will become nearly impossible. If you don’t believe in you, then who will? 

Seeing the glass half full with gratitude helps you appreciate what you already have in life. This gives you a strong foundation to start growing your success story with optimism. 

Making small strides every day towards your larger goal keeps your motivation at peak performance. While you may have bigger dreams, it is important to cherish each milestone along the way. And, if you find it challenging to appreciate what you have right in front of you and solely focus on ideals or expectations, this can hinder you from being able to achieve personal happiness. Having expectations is living in the future versus the present moment, preventing true happiness.

The majority of the time a negative mindset is formed at a young age during your developmental years; however, it doesn’t play out until your adult life when trying to reach your goals. A coach will be able to help you overcome this mindset and reframe your belief system so you can reach your fullest potential and greatest goals. 

2.Healthy Relationships

Your relationships provide meaning and purpose to your overall lifestyle. They can ultimately make or break your career or love life. Yet, we aren’t educated anywhere in life on how to have successful, meaningful relationships. And, if you grew up in a home that did not support a healthy expression of love or overcoming conflict, then you may have found ways to cope with these situations that don’t support your goals today. 

When it comes to creating connections and building long-lasting relationships, constructive communication, healthy boundaries, self-worth, and relationship values will be the ultimate skill set for having success. These are the core fundamentals of fulfilling relationships. Without these four relationship intelligence skills, you will hit roadblocks and struggle to bounce back during challenging times. 

Whether it’s your personal or professional relationships, a coach will be able to provide perspective on situations and negotiation strategies. This will allow you to obtain your needs from a place of value, but also elevate the relationship to the next level of commitment or business agreement. We help you achieve win-win outcomes that last a lifetime.

3.Work Life Balance

Your fulfillment in life is rooted in your daily habits. Whether it’s going to the gym, cooking healthy meals, meditating, or journaling, all of these small habits paint the bigger picture of how you excel in life. The most successful individuals know without a healthy routine there is no way to reach optimal fulfillment. 

Those who are highly successful also know balance can be challenging to achieve because you only have twenty-four hours in a day and sixteen hours to fulfill each desire for the day. At times, you may be focused more on your professional goals, leaving your personal goals and love life on the sideline. When it comes to reaching self-actualization, finding fulfillment in the three main tasks of life: love, work, and social is what is defined as success.

A coach will guide you to create balance all while simultaneously striving towards new heights. No part of your life deserved to be left unfulfilled when working with us. We truly believe you can have it all and will support you until you do. 

4.Career Growth

When it comes to your professional career, the number one thing people say is they want to obtain financial wealth. Who doesn’t? To increase your net worth, it requires improving your skillet through obtaining leadership skills that will give you a competitive advantage over your colleagues.  

This doesn’t necessarily mean adding post-nominal letters to your name, but you will need to communicate in a way that helps you land clients at a much easier and quicker pace. Knowing how to ask the best questions to gain insightful knowledge improves your listening skills and strategy. And, being able to mirror the prospect’s language gives you an upper hand over your competition. Most people try to sell versus guide the prospect into a mutually beneficial agreement. 

And if sales aren’t your thing, that’s okay because you will need to know how to position yourself and have objective answers to every question you are asked during an interview. Being able to prime your interview skills or rewrite your resume is going to push you to the top as the best candidate for the new position. 

A lot of our clients happen to be entrepreneurs or executives looking to hone in on their communication skills during negotiations or resolving client conflict. Creating systemized foundations are essential to keeping business successfully running at all times. From creating mission-driven policies, mediating the sale of a business, to building your first one from scratch we help our clients achieve their ultimate dream job. 

5.Accountability Partner

Are you the go-to person everyone comes to in life for advice, yet when it comes to your own goals they seem to slip through the cracks. You tend to start new projects but can’t seem to ever finish them. 

That is where we come into play.

We speak with our clients every day via messenger. We become your go-to resource, biggest fan, personal confidant, and support team all tied into one. While you cherish your goals, we also see them as our goals working together to achieve them. We have found it’s the daily interactive relationship that we develop with our clients that creates a bond and helps our clients achieve success at a quicker rate. The transparency and vulnerability are mutually shared creating a powerful partnership. 

Whether you are overcoming childhood trauma, a relationship break-up, marital discord, a lack of self-worth, unhealthy lifestyle habits, or an inability to have professional success, we will be by your side every step of the way. We got your back!

6.Success Strategies

Are you a go-with-the-flow type of personality? You have managed to wing it and live on good luck for so many years you have never had to think about the best strategy to overcome challenging situations. Your charisma has saved you time after time until now. 

While so many million-dollar business ideas start in the backyard, a business plan is needed to increase profitability and scale for growth. Or, those who went from dating to married knew they had to operate on values and consistency if they were going to reach their goal of spending eternity together. Whatever your life goal is you know strategy is essential. 

However, as society evolves so does the way we do business and the way we approach love. What used to work ten years ago may not allow you to reach fruition today. With new technology, the latest scientific knowledge, and endless opportunities it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and confused about which is the best path for you. 

As your coach, we get to know your personality and help you decipher what are the best choices to make for your life. Knowing what makes you tick and aligns best with your habits will give you a favorable outcome. We provide you with the best insight and lifestyle blueprints to help you achieve your goals. 

7.Personal Alignment  

If you’re facing a major decision or transition in your life, but are unsure what step to take forward, then this may be a sign there’s a disconnect with your core values. Being in alignment with your values makes every decision in your life way easier to make. Our values provide the best foundation for getting our needs met.

More than likely determining your core values will be foreign to working with a therapist. This is something we have developed over the years with our clients when it comes to owning your self-worth, operating from a place of love, and establishing healthy boundaries in all areas of your life. The instant you know your values and how to operate from them, the minute your life becomes clearer in achieving what you want. 

When you live according to your top five core values this allows you to achieve success, build healthy relationships, gain clarity in what best serves you, reach fulfillment, honor your truth, and receive the respect you deserve.