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Take the next step by investing in your life and manifesting the love you deserve. You can find courses on building confidence and setting boundaries like a badass. No matter where you are in the world, you can join us here on your journey all from the comfort and privacy of your home.


Want To Feel Valued
And Respected In Your Relationship?

We know you are the kind of person who desires to have a voice in your relationship. But right now, maybe you are hesitant to speak up making the situation worse, or causing your partner to ignore you.

This can make you feel anxious, frustrated, or even confused about how to resolve the conflict between you and your partner. It's time to unveil your inner voice and become powerful like a badass! 

Are you currently experiencing any of these signs?


  • You struggle to trust a partner                                 

  • You feel unworthy of love sometimes         

  • You feel you're walking on eggshells           

  • You feel confused about the connection 

  • You say "yes" too often out of guilt                 

  • You are losing your patience 

  • You attract controlling partners

  • You worry you'll say the wrong thing

  • You seek your partner's approval

  • You put others on a golden pedestal 

  • You feel taken for granted and used

If you answered yes to any of the above, stick with us...We have the solution to gain back your power!

"Boundaries gave me 
a voice in 
my relationship"



"I have more patience and
inner peace in my life"


"I'm finally 
getting what I want
and need"



"I can confidently speak up
and be heard. The best feeling
in the world"


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Ready To Experience A
Life-Changing Journey?

Here's what you will receive in our online courses...


Giving you insightful coaching videos that provide a how-to method for each module.


Sharing techniques and tools to gain the relationship results you desire in your life.

Mindset Exercises

Providing you mindest exercises to boost your inner power that radiates respect and value.

And There Is More...

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“Even after receiving a Masters in psychology, we still felt we needed an easy way to express our emotional needs without feeling fearful to speak up or be ignored. With our professional expertise and personal experience, we created a proven method that is simple and quick to use in any relationship: with a romantic partner, a work colleague, family members, or your friends. Being able to set boundaries from a place of value and knowing exactly what to say has changed our lives for the better. And that’s why we are sharing it with you. We guarantee you will benefit from our Boundary Badass Course and achieve healthy relationships you desire most. The best part - you will no longer feel like a hostage in your mind, you will feel free to breathe. ”
       Jan & Jillian

Having The Confidence To Set Boundaries Is The Most Badass Thing You Can Do!

Why You Need Boundaries...And Signs You May Not Notice

  • You feel emotionally drained by others 

  • You emotionally react to discomfort

  • You seek your partner's approval

  • You neglect basic daily needs 

  • You constantly put other's needs first       

  • You don't feel heard or understood 

  • You stay silent to save the relationship   

  • You constantly feel let down by your partner        

  • You don't feel respected or valued                          

  • You feel emotionally unsafe and vulnerable

  • You feel like a punching bag for others                

  • You let others take advantage of you


We have seen our online courses work for every type of person and background for relationship success.

We know once you begin using boundaries, you will see a difference in how your partner engages with you.

The cost of NOT taking action can keep you stuck in toxic and painful relationships which is the opposite of your growth mindset! 

At the end of the day, what is your

happiness worth to you?

Are you ready to choose you?

It's time to honor your inner power

  • Feel respected by your parnter 

  • Feel like you are a valuable asset to any relationship

  • Experience inner peace and fulfillment 

  • Raise your standards and no longer settle for less

  • Own your inner voice and express your needs

  • Share your thoughts without feeling rejected

  • Alleviate frustrations and be understood

  • Achieve transparency and trust in your connection

  • Set your relationship up for success from the start

  • Start playing big and leave the small stuff behind 

  • Clarify what is no longer meant for your life 

Looking to build your inner self-esteem and feel confidently badass in life? Our Confidently You course is just for you!



  • Own your self-worth

  • Show up confident in any situation

  • Elevate your lifestyle to the next level

  • Find your inner voice and be heard

  • Become resilient in life

  • Show up on dates like you are worthy of love

  • Trust yourself to make great life decisions

  • Accept your strengths and challenges

  • Attract healthy people into your life

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

Are you ready to be respected, valued, and loved exactly as you deserve? Our Boundary Badass course is the right choice for you!


  • Bridge the gap between your differences

  • Become a valuable partner in your relationship

  • Feel inner peace and happiness

  • Find alignment as a couple 

  • Communicate your needs with ease

  • Feel powerful in your conversations

  • Resolve conflict quickly and efficiently

  • Feel heard and understood by your partner

  • Experience a healthy love connection 

  • Become badass in all of your relationships