Boundary Badass 



Are You Ready To Feel Valued
And Respected In Your Relationship?

We know how frustrating it is to feel like your partner isn't listening to you or respecting your needs. This can create all kinds of questions and confusion in your relationship. 


If you're ready to feel powerful, have inner peace, and become a boundary badass, then this program is for you! 

If you answered yes to any of the above, stick with us...We have the solution to owning your power!


  • Your partner seems untrustworthy                                

  • Your partner blames you for everything        

  • Your partner makes you feel anxious          

  • You feel confused about the connection 

  • You say "yes" too often out of guilt                 

  • Your partner shuts you out 

  • Your partner tries to control you

  • Your partner belittles your ideas

  • Your partner creates drama

  • Your partner neglects your needs

  • You feel taken for granted and used

Experiencing any of these signs with your partner?
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"Boundaries gave me 
a voice in 
my relationship"



"I have more patience and
inner peace in my life"


"I'm finally 
getting what I want
and need"



"I can confidently speak up
and be heard. The best feeling
in the world"


Listen To Real Results For Yourself...

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 It's time to own your power! 

Here's what you will receive in our online course...

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  • 7 Tailored Videos For Step By Step Guidance Throughout The Course

  • A Digital Workbook Full of Easy How-To Exercises, Support, and Accountability Techniques

What You Get!

What's In The Course?

The purpose of this course is to help you navigate sticky situations where you feel emotionally neglected in your relationship. While you deeply care and love your partner, they may not understand where you are coming from no matter how many times you express your feelings and try to explain your perspective.


Being a compassionate, heart-centered person, you may endlessly go out of your way to support your partner and everyone else in your life. However, sometimes it feels like you are constantly giving, giving, giving, and receiving a little in return. Deep down inside, you know you are a strong individual and rarely ask for help. But for some reason your partner makes you feel uneasy, yet you are fairly secure in your life, especially with your career. 


This course is going to help you discover how to feel powerful in your relationship and stop feeling like you are walking on eggshells. You are going to be able to embrace your inner voice, own your self-worth, and create space for your partner to come to you. You'll even be able to overcome your differences in a respectful manner, bringing your partner closer to you. 

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“Even after receiving a Masters in psychology, we still felt we needed an easy way to express our emotional needs without feeling fearful to speak up or be ignored. With our professional expertise and personal experience, we created a proven method that is simple and quick to use in any relationship: with a romantic partner, a work colleague, family members, or your friends. Being able to set boundaries from a place of value and knowing exactly what to say has changed our lives for the better. And that’s why we are sharing it with you. We guarantee you will benefit from our Boundary Badass Course and achieve the healthy relationship you desire. The best part - you will no longer feel like a hostage in your mind, you will feel free to breathe. ”
       Jan & Jillian

  • You feel emotionally exhausted

  • You feel uncomfortable with conflict

  • You are unsure how to find a resolution

  • You tend to put your partner's needs first       

  • You don't feel heard or understood 

  • You stay silent to save the relationship   

  • You don't  feel like a priority     

  • You constantly feel uneasy                           

  • You feel emotionally unsafe 

  • You shy away from speaking up               

  • You feel your needs aren't important

Having The Confidence To Set Boundaries Is The Most Badass Thing You Can Do!

Why You Need Boundaries...And Signs You May Not Notice

Romantic Couple

Are you ready to
choose love?

It's time to honor your badass Truth

  • Feel respected by your partner 

  • Feel like you are a valuable asset to any relationship

  • Experience inner peace and fulfillment 

  • Raise your standards and no longer settle for less

  • Own your authentic voice and express your needs

  • Share your thoughts without feeling rejected

  • Alleviate frustrations and be understood

  • Achieve transparency and trust in your connection

  • Set your relationship up for success from the start

  • Start playing big and leave the small stuff behind 

  • Clarify what is no longer meant for your life 

We have seen our online courses work for every type of person and background for relationship success.

We know once you begin using boundaries, you will see how peaceful and happy your relationship can be.

The cost of NOT taking action can keep you stuck in toxic and painful relationships. 

At the end of the day, what are your

happiness, respect, and inner peace worth to you?

Start receiving respect from your partner to feel the love you deserve. Our Boundary Badass course will give you the confidence to ask for what you need without feeling emotionally unsafe.


  • Bridge the gap between your differences

  • Become a valuable partner in your relationship

  • Feel inner peace and happiness

  • Find alignment for long-term goals

  • Communicate your needs with ease

  • Feel powerful in your conversations

  • Resolve conflict quickly and efficiently

  • Feel heard and understood by your partner

  • Experience a healthy love connection 

  • Become badass in all of your relationships