7 Ways You are pushing women away

Pure self-sabotage.

Hey, guys! According to women, dating you these days is like walking straight into a triple titanium shield of armor.

It’s as if you’re preparing for an intense battle. Yet, the battle has no opponent. So, what are you fighting off? Your feelings?

As women, we understand you have a heart to protect. But what happened to giving a girl a chance, or better yet — yourself?

Here are 7 ways you are shutting out the love of your life (and you don’t even know it):

1. You run for the hills.

Whether you’re a jogger or a sprinter, the minute things start to warm up between you and the girl you’ve been dating, you begin running.

The thought of getting too close scares the hell out of you, so you begin to plan your escape route to the nearest remote island.

You start to get cold as you wait for your departure date. You begin to slowly distance yourself as she tries to get in touch with you even more. You are hoping to let her off slowly, so she won’t even notice your disappearing act.

You intentionally book your flight for an extended vacay, hoping she will forget about you by the time you get back.

Owning up to your feelings is out of the question. And even considering her feelings is something you’re not about to do, as it’s too difficult to acknowledge what’s running through you.

As long you continue running, you are bound to end up on “single island” for a lifetime.

2. You’re always fishing for the best.

Dating is your happy place for you. You love reeling in a new catch of the day. The adventurous chase excites you beyond measures and you don’t think about much past the instant gratification. You always think there is going to be a new fish in the sea waiting to hang on your line.

Your search for “the one” is endless, as there are a plethora of options for you to choose from. In fact, there are so many how could you possibly choose just one.

However, while you’re busy being indecisive and throwing girls off your hook, you’ve probably let go of a few good ones.

But, it’s too late.