Relationship Coaching

Our Relationship Intelligence Method will help you achieve a fulfilling love life where you no longer have to worry about whether or not your partner will meet your needs.
We will give you expert relationship tools and techniques
to feel appreciated and loved by your partner. 

Our relationship coaching will help you resolve differences and discord throughout
your relationship dynamic so you can achieve better alignment, experience
long-lasting love, and feel greater inner peace. 



Does This Resonate With You?

  • Your partner isn't making you feel like a priority in your relationship

  • Your partner gives you mixed signals

  • Your partner isn't giving 100% to the relationship  

  • Your partner sends you love bombs then shuts you out for days

  • Your love life is suffering because it has taken a backseat to you or your partner’s career goals

  • Your partner becomes defensive when you express your needs and goals 

  • Your partner makes you feel unworthy of love 

  • Your partner points the finger at you for the relationship issues 

  • Your partner ignores you, then claims you are controlling when you speak up

  • Your partner complains you are overly emotional 

  • Your partner gaslights when you address their behaviors 

  • Your partner prevents the relationship from growing 

  • Your love life isn't where you want it to be


Roland, Chicago

I have worked with Entwined Lifestyle for a couple of years, and continue to do so. Their knowledge and expertise have been so positively impactful in all aspects of my life.No matter what type of situation or challenge comes up for me, they are immediately there for me with a calming and guiding presence, enlightening insight, and collaboration in developing an effective plan of action. I also try to listen in every time they are on social media, a podcast, or etc, because even I’m not able to directly relate to a particular topic of the discussion, I know I will still learn some extremely valuable knowledge.

Happy Couple

We help singles and couples define their relationship goals, increase intimacy, develop open lines of communication, and create an environment that fosters long-lasting love and healthy lifestyle fulfillment.

Couple at Home

Our Boundary Badass Method gives our clients a voice in getting their emotional needs met to increase respect, establish constructive interactions, and form a "WE" mentality within the relationship. 

Playing on the Wheelbarrow

Most often relationship problems start with a lack of communication channels and poor conflict resolution skills. Our RIM will help you achieve clarity and certainty while reaching your relationship goals as a couple.  

What you have been taught about relationships is the opposite of what works for a healthy relationship. 

Defending yourself does not work.

Expressing your inner feelings does not work.

Raising your voice to get your partner's attention does not work.

Creating power struggles does not work.

Giving ultimatums does not work.  

What will work? 

Asking discovery questions to understand your partner does work.

Using your relationship values to meet your needs does work.

Listening more and talking less does work. 

Confidently and calmly owning your inner voice does work.  

Setting boundaries for mutual respect does work. 


How Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Relationship Goals:

  • Master the skills that will elevate your relationship to the next level

  • Discover how to diffuse conflict quickly without damaging your connection

  • Learn how to show love through each other’s love languages

  • Set healthy boundaries like a badass for long-lasting love and mutual respect

  • Speak with assertiveness to be heard and understood

  • Learn how to deepen the connection with a partner and keep the spark alive

  • Embrace your most authentic self and inner confidence 

  • Achieve a healthy relationship with a partner 

  • Let go of what is no longer serving you to thrive 

  • Honor your worth to receive the respect you deserve

  • Find patience and build trust with your partner 

How We Can Work Together:

As International Relationship Coaches, we work with our clients virtually via audio or video. During your weekly coaching session, we will establish the root of your relationship challenges, provide expert insight, and implement techniques to achieve your relationship goals.

What Is Included:

  • A customizable month-to-month coaching plan aligned to your relationship goals 

  • Daily message support to gain insight and feedback for the best relationship results

  • Expert relationship skills that will elevate your love life at any stage

  • Access to our Boundary Badass Course

  • Access to our Confidently You Course

  • Psychological techniques to deepen emotional intimacy, diffuse discord quickly, and create an unbreakable bond for a lifetime

A few months ago, I found myself in a very unhappy place. I just ended another relationship, and at 47/never married I was beginning to think I needed to look deep within myself to see what was going on. In addition to struggling with that, I was also beginning to question my purpose.
Even though I was already involved with a psychologist, the day I met Jillian, I knew this was a journey worth taking with her. As we worked together, Jillian invested all of her knowledge and background in to understanding me. She made me feel very self aware of how I had been personally holding myself back. She has an immense amount of insight and background with so many areas of every day living (relationships and work). Thanks to Jillian, I have a much more confident and healthier mindset. Having our paths cross was truly a blessing to me.


Blair, Philadelphia

100% Guaranteed.png

Emily, Denver

I can not say enough positive things about Entwined Lifestyle. I worked with Jan for about 7 months and she genuinely changed my life for the better. Jan helped me to work through different relationships in my life and helped me to process stressful situations in a healthy way. I felt I could really come to Jan with anything and it was never minimized. Her process helped me to stay on a path of growth, even when I made mistakes. She is also very flexible in terms of finding a schedule that works for you. Jan is supportive, kind, honest and understanding but makes you work the process and it’s not always easy! That is the beauty of what Jan does, in a way where you actually feel the change from within because of the work you put into it.