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Do You Choose Love Or Career...Finding Balance

In today’s modern world, the majority of couples are living in a dual-career household striving towards success and climbing the corporate ladder to achieve their ambitious dreams. As relationship coaches, with a background in marriage and family therapy, we have many couples come to us asking for help to improve their relationship because they aren’t receiving what they need from their partner. 

With the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities, there is an endless competition of heightened pressure to perform amongst financial professionals, lawyers, doctors, real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and other high-profile jobs. Demanding careers require spending anywhere from 8-12 hours of the day in the office which makes little time for the relationship with their partner. And, days can even be longer if there is travel and overnight stays involved to meet their clients. 

With the quality of time deteriorating amongst couples, both partners value their financial independence making it challenging to find the balance. While their bank accounts are growing, simultaneously it’s depleting their emotional bank account. To keep an emotional bank account out of the red margin, requires five positive interactions for every one negative interaction. Yet, financial status and time can take a toll on their emotional bond making those touches far and few between. 

Here Are Three Ways to Support Your Relationship: 

1. Feed Your Focus and Disregard Distractions

Every day we experience digital notifications going off on phones whether it’s an email from your client, text message from your friend, or your bank sending you an alert, they are distractions from your relationship. Regardless, it’s quite easy to seek interest in what the notification states and become deeply immersed that you forget what you were initially focusing on or talking about with your partner. While these notifications can be extremely crucial at times, they are merely distractions from carving out time for your partner especially when you are both at home after a long workday. 

Silence the noise to honor time with your partner.

If your goal is to strengthen your relationship and rebuild the emotional intimacy you desire with your partner, then knowing how to silence those notifications can be resourceful in balancing your lifestyle. Whether it’s placing your phone on “Do Not Disturb” or leaving it somewhere you will not check it every ten minutes, then honor that commitment to yourself. By committing to being more present, will allow you to focus on your partner while receiving a deeper commitment to grow the connection. You can only receive what you are willing to do for yourself and the relationship. 

2.Prioritize Your Relationship

How often do you spend time talking to your partner? Like actually sitting down and listening to what they share with you? Do you go on weekly dates to spend time with one another? Despite building an empire at your firm, you have to prioritize the relationship like you prioritize your clients and meetings. A relationship doesn’t function on its own once it’s built. It requires tenderness, love, and care on a continual basis to maintain growth while working through differences when they arise. The same way you feed yourself every day or water a plant, your relationship needs daily touches too! 

One of the easiest ways to prioritize your relationship is by creating an appointment on the calendar just like you do for your clients. Whether you agree upon a set day each week or talk on Sunday about what night you will spend a few uninterrupted hours together, getting a weekly date on the calendar for you and your partner is critical to growing your emotional bank account. While this may seem business-like, it holds each of you accountable while honoring the relationship and prevents you from making other commitments. And let’s be honest, it can be hard to remember everything between personal and professional interactions, so when you and your partner have a weekly date on the calendar there are no excuses, like saying “I forgot” or “I didn’t remember us agreeing on this”