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Signs Your Partner Is Toxic Texting You

We've all been there. That person who just won't stop texting no matter how many times you tell them you're not interested. Maybe they started out as a nice, normal texter and then turned into a digital stalker.

Or maybe they were always kind of clingy blowing up your phone nonstop and now their behavior is crossing the line into toxic territory. If you're not sure whether your partner’s texting is crossing the line, keep reading.

Texting in a relationship can turn toxic when one or both partners have ulterior motives. Whether it stems from insecurities, the need to seek control, or they are betraying the connection, their text messages can give you clues about what is really on their mind.

Keep in mind text messages can be distorted and misunderstood very easily. The reason is that they can be quickly taken out of context, is a lack of facial expression and body language, and you cannot hear their tone of voice. All these facts account for 93% of communication alone, where words are only 7%.

Here are signs your text interactions have turned toxic. And if you find that you're in a toxic texting relationship, don't worry - there are ways to deal with it!

21 Toxic Texts You May Receive Or Send That Are Destroying The Connection:

  1. “I Won’t Bother You Anymore”

  2. “Enjoy Your Night Out Without Me”

  3. “I Hope It Was Worth It”

  4. “Don't Text Me Again”.....”So, You Really Have Nothing To Say?”

  5. “Where Are You? Why Is It Taking So Long For You To Respond?”

  6. “Calm Down. You’re Overreacting”

  7. “I Don’t Know When I’ll Be Home. Don’t Wait up!”

  8. “You’re Cheating On Me”

  9. “You Are Crazy”

  10. “You’re Acting Like A Child”

  11. “Send Me A Photo So I Know Where You Are”

  12. “I Didn’t Do Anything To Hurt You. You Remember Things Wrong”

  13. “I Hate Your Friends. I Don’t Know Why You Still Hang Out With Them”

  14. “Stop Messaging Me. You’re Annoying”