Should I Stay Or Should I Go? The Most Trustworthy Relationship Checklist

Every relationship has pluses and minuses. 

Whether you have been dating for a few months or married for many years, your relationship will evolve over time. When each partner evolves, this requires the relationship to experience a revision as well as reach new heights. This can definitely can be a great thing for growth or it can cause you and your partner to encounter an impasse. 

If you are currently experiencing a gridlock, it doesn’t necessarily mean its a bad thing. It means you and your partner will need to either put in the extra effort to form a new alignment or decide if you are truly compatible with each other. And sometimes, partners outgrow each other if they aren’t willing to evolve together. Just like you probably have outgrown old friendships or even past careers. So if you are feeling confused or hesitant about whether you should stay with your partner or go, then asking yourself these relationship questions below will help you gain clarity. 

Begin by going through the list of questions on your own and answer each question honestly according to your relationship values and needs. This will help you identify your strengths and weakness and how it applies to your current relationship. We recommend printing the list or writing down the number to each question while placing a T for true or F for false. 

The Most Trustworthy Relationship Checklist: 

  1. My partner listens to my concerns

  2. I trust my partner 

  3. I take responsibility for my mistakes and apologize

  4. I feel loved and appreciated

  5. When I think about my relationship, it brings happiness to my life

  6. I can talk about my dreams without my partner being contemptuous towards me

  7. Conflict allows us to grow together

  8. My partner is open to talking when I ask

  9. I enjoy helping my partner when they ask for help

  10. I believe my partner has my best interest and supports me to succeed

  11. It’s okay if we don’t always agree on things

  12. My partner asks me how my day was when they get home from work

  13. We have a date night once a week, even if it’s at home with no technology

  14. We are equally responsible for our relationship and make it a priority

  15. My partner and I share common interests

  16. I feel absolutely blessed to have my partner in my life

  17. My partner and I find each other attractive and have a great sex life

  18. We understand each other’s family dynamics

  19. We celebrate important dates, events, and personal accomplishments with each other