If Your Partner Has These 5 Personality Traits, Then Your Relationship Is Doomed

You are crazy in love with your partner.

But the longer you are together the more the relationship becomes a challenge. When you first met, your connection was beyond blissful and the chemistry was totally lit. So lit, you often found yourself overlooking some of the red flags because the feeling of being together outweighed the bad. In fact, you thought everything was euphoric in the name of passion.

As time began to pass, the distress and discord began to wear on you emotionally while the relationship became dysfunctional. It will only be a matter of days before WWIII breaks out. Your relationship is a turbulent cycle of never-ending drama and arguments.

You feel stuck. You are madly in love them one minute and the next, you are screaming at the top of your lungs how could they treat me this way.

These 5 Personality Traits Will Make It Difficult For A Healthy Relationship:

1. Sees The Negative First

Life will always hand us unpredictable moments of ups and downs. It’s only natural. But how you face adversity will be the key to living your best life. If someone constantly focuses on seeing the negative in life, it will be a challenge to move forward past any setbacks. Mindset and perspective are everything in getting through life’s hiccups successfully.

If your partner is only able to see the negative in every disagreement that arises, working with them will be a battlefield. More than likely for every solution you present to resolve the discord, they will have an excuse has to why it won’t work.

When a partner has resilience and a positive mindset, it allows them to fearlessly overcome struggles head-on. They are able to see the light at the end of the storm and can ride it out until reaching an amicable solution. However, a negative mind will forever stay stagnant and unsatisfied in life. You can’t make them happy. They have to make themselves happy and learn to see outside their own mindset.

Happiness is an inside job.

2. Acts Overly Needy For Validation

In the beginning stages of the relationship, you thought it was endearing with the amount of attention your partner gave you. You assumed they were really into you and it was a good feeling to have. Although, as time has gone on it’s gotten out of hand and it’s no longer…umm attractive. It’s starting to turn you off and becoming exhausting to deal with.

You now see the attention they were giving you was not about them liking you, but for their own source of validation. The constant admiration and communication with you are about them fulfilling a void within themselves.

Their insecurities are boiling over and bleeding into the relationship. It’s becoming too much to handle. Plain and simple, you are feeling exhausted with having to explain every last detail about your lifestyle just to give them security. Ultimately, what they really need is to work on their self-confidence and be able to soothe their own emotional discomforts.

Confidence is the number one trait individuals find attractive in a partner.

3. Uses Emotionally Reactive Voice

You are busy at work and do not respond to your partner’s text message. Not even more than thirty minutes go by and they are blowing up your phone. With one text message after another anxiously waiting until you respond.

Finally, you get a break two hours later. You send a text message back letting them know you were in a work meeting. But the rationale of being at work still doesn’t sink in with your partner. They begin a fight lashing out at you for taking too long to respond and start grilling you about your whereabouts.