How Your Self-Esteem Affects Your Relationship

your self-esteem affects your relationship

You probably have heard the term, “know your worth” from all your friends and family. 

But, what does it really mean? 

Knowing your worth means honoring who you are regardless of the opinions of others. You are fully self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses and feel good about yourself in any type of situation. It’s a personal, subjective self-evaluation based on how you see yourself in your internal world. 

When you believe in yourself, it keeps you from settling for less or allowing others to treat you in a disrespectful manner. And when you know your worth, you feel comfortable and confident about receiving love from a partner because you already shine with self-love. 

As you learn to speak your truth, you will find yourself valuable to a partner’s lifestyle and attract a healthy, loving partner. If you fail to speak up, you devalue who you are and attract users. 

Here Are Five Ways To Own Your Worth To Attract The Love You Deserve: 

1.Implement Daily Self-Care & Self-Love 

Every day you have a responsibility to nurture the relationship with yourself. And if you are not taking care of yourself and giving yourself the things you need to feel good, then how can you receive what you want from others? 

The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship in your life. 

Your daily commitment to self-care and self-love is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. If you workout to stay in shape, then you’re physically taking care of yourself. But what about your mind and spirit? Those two areas get neglected the most. So if you don’t feel good at the end of the day, then this may be why. Both self-care and self-love need to work together in unison in order to honor your truth and own your worth. You can’t choose one over the other, otherwise, your self-esteem will suffer ultimately affecting your confidence and worth.

Running to the gym to pick-up weights and burn calories is very beneficial to your physical health, as it’s necessary on so many levels to excel in life. At the same time, challenging your mind the same way you challenge your body is a fundamental catalyst to saying, “I’m worth it.” 

It’s not selfish to take time out of your day to do the things that make you feel fulfilled. In fact, if you’re not doing them, then you are actually hurting your chances of receiving the things you need with a partner. Operating at your peak performance and being connected to your core will give you a life fulfilled of purpose. 

Self-Care Examples: 

  1. Implementing a consistent sleep schedule 

  2. Cooking and consuming healthy, whole foods and drinking water

  3. Physically working out 

  4. Beauty and grooming regimen

  5. Asking for help

Self-Love Examples: 

  1. Practicing positive affirmations and gratitudes

  2. Writing in a journal 

  3. Meditating or listening to music

  4. Deep belly breathing 

  5. Carving time for personal hobbies