How To Respond To A Text From Your Ex

Going through the motions after a break-up? We have all been there. 

You and your ex-boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago. Your heart is still hurting as you process your emotions. At the same time, you are striving to find acceptance even though you still love him very much. As part of your healing journey, you have booked a beach vacation with your girlfriends to celebrate your newly found freedom. As the countdown begins for your trip, you are beginning to feel the excitement and a sense of relief from all the pain. 

While you are peacefully minding your own business and restoring your emotional health on the beach, your ex-boyfriend starts sending you text messages. You start to feel a mix of emotions about whether or not to reply to him. You know you are in a better place, but missing him is weighing on you because you have not fully closed the door on the connection. 

And it’s okay to miss someone you love, but do you need to act on it? 

Here Are Five Things To Consider Before Responding To A Text From Your Ex:

1. Decide If This Relationship Has Long-Term Potential

You may be wondering how to determine if your relationship has long-term potential. You know you love him, but can your love go the distance? Will he hinder your growth or support a better future together? The best way to decide if your relationship has long-term potential is to identify your relationship values and whether or not your ex-boyfriend can align with them. 

Relationship values decide longevity. 

Your relationship values are highly desirable beliefs that you cannot live without when it comes to seeking fulfillment within your relationship. Relationship values are, not limited to: trust, open communication, loyalty, integrity, honesty, respect, authenticity, etc. We recommend choosing your top 5 relationship values to operate from on a day-to-day basis when deciding whether your ex-boyfriend has long-term potential. If he is unable to meet your values, it will be quite challenging to have a happy and healthy long-term relationship with him. 

2.  Ask Yourself If Your Ex-boyfriend Has Done Anything To Betray The Relationship

While every relationship has its fair share of tidal waves from time to time, there are certain waves to avoid surfing through. Disagreements are quite normal and sometimes even make a relationship stronger as they are turning point for growth. Understanding each other’s needs takes time before you can begin working as a collaborative partnership. 

Without TrUSt, this is no US. 

And there are a few waves that we recommend ditching out on. If your ex-boyfriend is cheating on you, betraying your trust, compulsively lying, and/or is emotionally or physically abusive, then it is best to leave this relationship behind you. There’s no reason to keep swimming in open waters with no shore to stand on. You will want to avoid repeating history by leaving this relationship in the past. 

Remember, you are worth so much more. You deserve to be respectfully valued, receive unconditional love, be treated with kindness, and spoken to with honesty. Knowing your self-worth is imperative to receiving the love you desire with a partner. 

3. Determine If They Make False Promises To You About The Future

Does he keep promising you the moon, but only giving you quicksand to sink in? If he says one thing and his actions say another, then more than likely he lacks integrity. And, there is a good chance he will not be able to meet your values and emotional needs if he hasn’t already this far.  

Walk the Talk. 

If he is just talking a good game, then you are better off walking. The best way to understand a man is through his actions. A high-value man will do more than just send a text message or call you. He will physically make plans to show you he cares and wants you to be a part of his everyday life by giving you the things you deserve. And, that does not mean materialistic items. We are talking about sharing the basic fundamentals of a relationship, such as love, support, loyalty, in