Does He Like Me? 15 Signs He Is Serious About You

15 signs he is serious about you

One minute things are hot and he is all about you, then the next he is distant. You’re beginning to doubt whether or not he likes you. 

And, you’re even starting to question yourself and where your life is headed. Wondering if you’re worthy of a healthy relationship and why he isn’t being consistent. Your insecurities are slowly creeping in and destroying your inner peace.

But…the truth is when a guy is giving mixed signals it has nothing to do with you and most likely everything to do with him. 

Maybe he doesn’t value communication…

Maybe he has commitment issues…

Or, maybe he recently got out of a long-term relationship…

The bottom line, stop making excuses for him.

If he likes you, he will show you in more ways than one and you won’t be questioning the connection, or more importantly yourself.

Here Are 15 Signs He Is Serious About You:

1.He Prioritizes Date Night 

He plans a date night with you weekly regardless of life’s responsibilities. He values quality time and makes sure he gets to spend an evening with you every week. When a guy makes an effort to plan dates with you, it shows he genuinely likes you.

2.He Shares How His Day Was With You

After a long day of working and fulfilling his life purpose, he still desires to make it a point to share it with you. Also, he cares to inquire about your day because your happiness is important to him.

3.He Consistently Supports You

He is endlessly curious about your personal interests and drive in life. He supports your career accomplishments, your passion for painting, and even joins you for yoga on Saturday mornings. He truly wants to be there for you through the ups and downs.

4.He Follows Through On His Word

He doesn’t just talk a big game, he walks the walk. He keeps his word and follows through with his actions to show you how important you are in his life. A man with integrity is a man you can generally trust to have your back and rely on as a great partner.

5.He Makes Future Plans With You In Advance

His best friend’s wedding is coming up in two months. He extends the invitation to you as his date. When a man makes plans with you in the future it’s a good sign he wants to stick around and keep you in the picture. Introducing you to his inner circle is a clear sign he values you in his life. 

6.He Brings Up Getting Off Dating Apps