Biggest Fear Each Zodiac Sign Has In A Relationship

It’s written in the stars.

Sometimes facing struggles within your relationship is more than just a communication glitch, it’s actually innate to your zodiac sign. Knowing your zodiac sign and your partner‘s sign can help you understand one another by minimizing additional stress on the relationship. When you and your partner both know what the other needs to feel secure, this can help deepen the bond and increase your alignment with one another. 

Here are the biggest insecurities each zodiac sign faces in their relationship:

1.Aries – Not Being In Control

The overly confident Aries often operates from their masculine energy and typically thinks they know best. They have a fear of not being in control, as well as not having all the answers in life. Even if they are wrong, they won’t admit it or ask for help from their partner. This can lead to a lack of alignment within the relationship. 

And, if Aries find themselves in a relationship with another Type A personality more than likely the Ram will be butting heads with their partner by trying to dominate the relationship. As opposed to fighting for control, the Aries needs to focus on deepening the connection from a romantic perspective by connecting with their heart versus their head.

2.Taurus – Their Love Not Being Reciprocated

Taureans tend to fear their partner doesn’t adore them as much as they cherish their partner. Given Taureans are loyal by nature, they often desire the same style of commitment in return from their partner. If their love is not being reciprocated in the same manner they tend to worry if their partner is happily committed.

Taureans also strive for financial stability in their relationships and want to live their best life. They often fear if they cannot be as successful as their partner this will make them feel inadequate. While they want the best of everything, yet they also know their true happiness lies within a candle-lit, home-cooked gourmet meal shared with their partner.

3.Gemini – Loss Of Freedom

Gemini can be a bit of a commitment phobe as they often fear their loss of freedom when they enter into a relationship. They enjoy spontaneity when it comes to life which tends to blow them where the wind goes. This can breed havoc on a relationship. 

Relationships need consistency to go the long-haul. The best thing they can do is keep the lines of communication open with their partner. They way they aren’t left in the dark when a new passion arises or all of a sudden they decide to plan a vacation to St. Lucia when they have been planning Sweden for months. 

3.Cancer – Getting Hurt

Cancers tend to be the most sensitive of the zodiac signs. They struggle with the fear of getting hurt and developing trust with their partner to feel safe enough to open up. This can lead to behaviors that sabotage the connection versus building the relationship because they don’t want their shortcomings to be seen. 

While it can seem scary to show vulnerability, relationships can only deepen from a place of authenticity. Almost everyone fears rejection on some level, but the only way to experience a spell-binding love is to take the risk with the one your heart desires.