9 Ways To Destress Your Lifestyle

9 ways to destress your lifestyle

Life can be hectic, complex, and often overwhelming at times when least expected. 

Each day we add more tasks to our to-do list, yet feel anxious and frustration set in when we can’t complete each task in a timely manner.  And, if we are unable to check-off every task by the end of the day, then we have probably let someone down or feel like we have failed ourselves. 

You’re not alone in this battle. 

In fact, 75% of adults say they are stressed daily, especially around the holiday season. And, stress is the number one cause of illness leading to bigger health issues over the years to come. 

So, how do you destress this time of year and set yourself free from worry?  

Here Are 9 Effective Ways To Minimize Stress In Your Lifestyle: 

1.Say “NO”

If your plate is fuller then you can manage right now, then you may be a people pleaser. Adding more tasks or events to an already existing full plate can lead to additional stress. Sometimes the best way to destress is to simplify your lifestyle and say “NO” to what isn’t fulfilling or supporting your goals. 

Before saying “YES” to every work project, family gathering, friendship dinner, ask yourself “Do I have the time?” If you don’t, then simply say “Thank you for the invite. I’d love to make it, however, I’m swamped right now. Definitely keep me in mind for the next one.” This validates you value the relationship with them, but you need some time to yourself and want to catch up at a later date. 

Selectively choosing what you can and cannot fit into your schedule, allows you to have more clarity and certainty. And when you have more clarity, your mood shifts for the better lifting your spirits. Having personal boundaries for yourself is vital to your mental and physical health, as well as living a meaningful lifestyle full of positive intentions. 

2.Go Exercise

Physical activity is one of the healthiest ways to reduce mental stress. Not only does it relieve your body from heightened stress hormones, like cortisol, but it also releases mood boosters like endorphins. An overall win-win for a steady flow. 

And, if you’re not one for going to the gym, then find an activity that suits your personality. The simplest movement can have the biggest impact on de-stressing. You can try rock climbing, skiing, tennis, yoga, dancing, walking, swimming, or hiking. And if you need an accountability partner to keep you motivated, join a fitness/activity group to help support your goals. Only you can decide what type of exercise you will enjoy and reap the benefits.