9 Things You Do That Make You TOTALLY Unapproachable

And what YOU can do about it.

Are you completely baffled by the fact that guys never ask you out — or even seem attracted to you?

You are probably starting to wonder at this point what is wrong with you. Your insecurities completely get the best of you, and you beat yourself up inside.

You start thinking you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or even funny.

Well enough of that nonsense!

What if we told you it has nothing to do with your looks. Would you believe us?

Well, you should. Because the truth is, it’s not YOU.

Well, sort of.

But truth be told, it’s actually what you are DOING that is turning him away.

It may be you are socially unaware of what is making you unapproachable. Believe it or not, your actions speak louder than words, and guys pick up on these subtle messages.

And yes, they’ve got their eyes on you!

Men are thinkers and action-oriented creatures.

They scope out every move you make to determine if it’s safe to say hello. Not only are they looking at you, but they are looking at who you’re hanging out with, what you’re wearing, and how you carry yourself.

A man will analyze every possible scenario before he makes a move because he doesn’t want to face rejection.

So, they will sit back for a bit and think through the entire scenario of how to approach you before they even make their first move.

If you want to be approachable, think about what you are doing before you head out for the night.

And you might want to keep this question in the back of your mind, “Why guys don’t approach me?” to remind yourself to adjust your actions.

Here are nine things you need to seriously re-examine if you want to chang