7 Steps To Setting Healthy Boundaries In All Your Relationships

Boundaries are the ultimate skill you need to have for healthy relationships, personally and professionally. Setting boundaries will help you overcome differences quickly when they arise and ensure you are respected in all relationships.

Have you been in a relationship or had a co-worker blatantly ignore you? You feel as though you are trying to work with them and make progress, but no matter what you do it falls on deaf ears.

Your feelings of frustration begin to rise to the point you want to give up and walk away.

After all, it makes most of us happy to please others. And when you aren’t receiving the same respect in return, you can find yourself in a deep hole wondering where you went wrong.

Then starts the self-blame game.

But, what if we told you there was an easy way to get your needs met in all your relationships?

Would you be interested?

Hear us out…

You have probably heard of boundaries but might not be sure exactly what they are or how to use them. They can even be confused with ultimatums, but trust us they are far from that. Boundaries are useful tools for growing your relationships and proactively creating a positive impact for mutual respect.

When boundaries are intact, you will feel safe and secure within the relationship. It will feel like both of you are on the same page and both of you feel valued.

If boundaries are non-existent, you will feel uncomfortable being around someone who isn’t respecting your needs. It almost feels as if you are walking on eggshells to avoid tension or conflict.

If a relationship is giving you an uneasy feeling, it’s probably because you’re putting up with unwanted behavior. You likely find their antics to be hurtful and disrespectful while your needs aren’t being met.

In fact, you may be questioning your own worth and wondering why this person thinks they can treat you so poorly. You find yourself emotionally shut down because it is too hard to bear another argument that goes unresolved without getting what you want. Trust us we used to know what that felt like.

Here are 7 Steps To Setting Boundaries In Your Relationships:

1.Define Your Limits

Defining what you will accept versus what is crossing the line begins with establishing your limits. Your limitations are based on your core values and give you a place to speak from when setting boundaries.

It can be hard to identify your limits when you have been ignoring them most of your life. But now it’s time to get clear on your values, as they will give you clarity when it comes to receiving the respect you deserve.

Ask yourself:

  1. What do you value when it comes to your relationships?

  2. What will you not accept from someone?