7 Brutal, But Real Reasons He Broke Up With You

7 Brutal, but real reasons he broke up with you. If he broke up with you it may be cause you were too needy or controlling. The best thing you can do is give him space and time to miss you in hopes of working through it.

This may be a hard pill swallow.

If you were dating a guy who left you, then it may leave you questioning yourself or what went wrong with the relationship.

“Am I not worthy of love?” “What is wrong with me?” “Did I do something that bothered him?”

Everyone is deserving of love, but some relationships don’t end up with a fairytale ending like you envisioned.

Sometimes, the ending is heartbreak.

It could have been a difference in personalities, values, or a lack of a healthy foundation. Ultimately, it may have been a variety of factors that caused the breakup.

Somehow, along the way, something made him realize that you weren’t a good match so he called it quits. 

With that said, here are 7 brutal — but real —​ reasons why he decided to break up with you.

1.He left you because you were too controlling

Trying to control a man will cause him to run in the opposite direction.

A man needs to feel he’s the king of the castle in a relationship.

So, if you are exerting your powerhouse masculine energy, you will emasculate him.

Emasculating a man shows you don’t have respect for him nor the relationship.

And men will value respect over love any day.  

When you try to tell a man what to do, he will immediately feel threatened and disengage.

It’s like telling a man to go against his natural instincts and change his ways, which we all know that ends up invoking his competitive spirit.

This makes him compete with you by trying to win back the upper hand, which is the opposite of what you want. 

He moves further away from you, not closer, to gain back his pride. Eventually, he just ends up breaking up with you. 

And when it comes to love, it’s something that needs to breathe.

So, trying to control it will backfire in your face causing him to leave you.

To keep a man intrigued, use your feminine energy and allow him to lead the relationship.