7 Abandonment Issues That Might Appear In Your Relationship

Self-awareness can help you heal your deep fear of being hurt

Have you ever wondered if you are self-sabotaging your relationship? 

This can be challenging to accept knowing how much you love your partner. At the same time, you may not even be aware you are holding yourself back and preventing the growth of your relationship. 

Most likely you developed these self-sabotaging habits out of fear to protect yourself from getting hurt. Whether it was a previous experience with a toxic ex or shattered self-esteem from a parent, this has led to destructive patterns and behaviors in your current relationship. 

And, it is not your fault. 

However, the more you are mindful of these habits the quicker you can nip them in the bud. The last thing you want to do is destroy the best relationship of your life over a past experience that left you feeling unworthy.

Here Are 7 Signs You Have Abandonment Issues:

1.You Prevent A Partner Getting Too Close

Keeping your partner at arm’s length distance is a form of protection you may have picked up out of fear of being left. Or, perhaps it was developed based on your attachment style with a parent. If you are putting up walls and operating out of fear, it will be challenging to have a healthy relationship with your partner. Relationships evolve from vulnerability and trust and that can only happen when you are able to express your deepest feelings. 

Operating from the heart allows for alignment and connection, whereas fear self-destructs the emotional intimacy. Fear can keep you detached and from being seen as a valuable partner in your relationship. If you are living in fear, then you are displacing old emotional wounds onto your relationship and that is not fair to you nor your partner. 

2.You Think Worse Case Scenario

Do you find yourself always thinking of the absolute worst possible outcome versus the greater good of the situation? If so, your mindset is holding you back from reaching relationship success. Having a negative mindset will keep your relationship from growing and evolving to new heights. A negative partner becomes draining to the other partner overtime because they have to constantly reassure their partner everything is okay. 

When something happens in your relationship that feels unsettling, ask yourself this: 

What are the facts of the matter?

Is this in alignment with my values?

How can I grow from this experience? 

What is the best outcome for our relationship?

This can help shift your mindset to adapt to a more positive thinking pattern by looking outside of your own perspective and honoring what you desire most with your partner. Because when you assess before you assume it can help prevent unnecessary emotional reactions without supporting facts.

Also, if you find yourself continuously going down the rabbit hole with your thoughts, it may be time to pause and self-reflect. Self-reflection can help you decide what is helping you grow and what is hurting your chances at a loving, harmonious relationship.