52 Ultimate Date Ideas You Must Try At Least Once

Planning dates can become draining over time if you are always looking for something exciting and new. Yet, spending quality time with your partner is the best way to keep intimacy alive so things remain healthy in your relationship. 

Whether you are happily dating, coupled or married, having a date once a week is the utmost approach to keep the spark ignited for a lifetime. The saying goes, “Do what you did in the beginning and there will never be an end.”

While looking for something enticing and thrilling for date night is ideal, also don’t be afraid to repeat ideas and activities. At the end of the day, it’s all about the connection you share with each other that will keep you bonded together.

Here are 52 Date Ideas To Keep Your Love Passionate All Year Round: 

  1. Plan A Picnic Outdoors or Indoors

  2. Take A Cooking Class 

  3. Go To A Live Concert

  4. Play A Board Game

  5. Cook A New Cuisine 

  6. Explore A Museum 

  7. Take A Last-Minute Getaway

  8. Sing At A Karaoke Bar

  9. Get A Couples Massage

  10. Attend A Comedy Show

  11. Go Ziplining 

  12. Take A Hike In The Wilderness

  13. Sign-up For A New Hobby Together

  14. Go Indoor Rockclimbing 

  15. Take A Dance Class

  16. Go To The Driving Range

  17. Take A Kickboxing Class

  18. Cruise On A Boat During Sunset

  19. Wine Tasting At A Winery

  20. Paint A Canvas

  21. Play Miniature Golf 

  22. Go On A Bike Ride

  23. Grab Hot Cocoa And Go Iceskating

  24. Attend An Opera

  25. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

  26. Strike At Bowling 

  27. Go To A Sporting Event

  28. Go Glamping

  29. Roast Marshmallows Over A Fire

  30. Race Go-Karts

  31. Make Music Together