5 Signs You’re Neglecting Your Partner

Intimate relationships can be challenging some days, but when it comes to feeling connected to your partner it requires more effort to maintain the connection than just saying, “I love you.” A relationship is the equation of two independent individuals who emotionally support one another interdependently. And when the emotional connection starts to deteriorate, it can drive a wedge between you and your partner. 

Relationships bring deeper meaning and purpose to one’s lifestyle, which is why nurturing them on a daily basis is essential to thriving together. But when life takes over, the stress begins to invade your personal space affecting your decision-making process. The consistent support you once gave your partner begins to decline, creating cracks in the foundation of your union.  

When this happens, your partner begins to feel a sense of abandonment, neglect and sometimes a strong sensation of loss. They feel like they have lost their best friend, their confidant, their lover, their number one supporter, and the love they crave with you. Even though you are physically present, it’s the emotional pain that weighs the heaviest on their heart. 

The disconnect leads to one or both partners resenting each other due to the loneliness and numbness. Loneliness often begins when the communication channels are strained or nonexistent. Couples who become angry with each other tend to use criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling in their communication style because they are operating from a place of fear, instead of love. These four factors are known as the four horsemen

How can you repair your relationship and reconnect with your partner?

Here Are 5 Ways To Meet Your Partner’s Needs: 

1.Identify Stressors In Your Life Affecting Your Relationship

The relationship is the first thing that takes the heat when external sources or personal struggles are holding you back from giving your partner the love they deserve. Being able to identify where your current stressors exist will help you begin working through those challenges so you can avoid displacing them onto your relationship. 

Start thinking about what is weighing on your mind heavily right now. What’s the first thing you would like to eliminate from your lifestyle? And if it’s something you can’t eliminate, how can you resolve the discord you are personally feeling with the task or stressor? What do you need to openly communicate to realign the relationship? 

Identifying your stressors is the first step to repairing what’s causing you to push your partner away. Here are a few possibilities, but not limited to: 

  1. Having a highly demanding career

  2. Experiencing the demands of parenting

  3. Unable to communicate with full transparency

  4. Lacking the ability to show affection and admiration due to an unsettling event

  5. Unresolved childhood trauma

  6. Preoccupied with oneself

  7. Mental health or physical health illness 

  8. Lack of a consistent date night every week

  9. Lack of common interests or shared hobbies