5 Signs They See You As A Long-Term Partner

Are you feeling confused as to whether the person you are dating has long-term partnership qualities? 

If they have not outright said “I Love You” or are wavering on making a commitment, it may be time to clarify where the relationship is going. 

Your time is your most valuable asset. And, being with someone who values you and your time shows how much respect they have for you. 

The partner you choose to spend your life with can have a huge impact on your physical well-being, emotional health, and overall lifestyle choices. 

So, are they seriously into you…

Or, selfishly stringing you along…

Here Are 5 Signs Your Partner Values You And The Relationship: 

1. They Keep Their Commitments

Having trust is probably the most important factor in a relationship. Your partner says they are going to do something and follows through by keeping their promise. They show up for planned dates, they prioritize quality time together, and call you at the time that was agreed upon. In other words, their commitment is gold. 

Having integrity is one of the highest forms of respect for the relationship. And, when it comes to your romantic connection it holds the ultimate truth knowing if your partner will put in the effort and go the extra mile. A committed partner honors their word because they want their partner to feel secure in the relationship. 

2. They Meet Your Relationship Values

What are relationship values? They are a set of standards that you need in your relationship based on your self-worth and emotional needs. Your relationship values set the tone for how you wish to be treated by a partner and the respect you have for yourself. A partner who knows their worth will not accept anything less than loyalty, mutual respect, and pure love. 

Some other popular relationships values are trust, growth mindset, honesty, open communication, integrity, partnership equality, and kindness. 

If your partner shares at least three out five of your relationship values, then most likely this is a good indicator you and your partner will make it long-term. 

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