21 Quotes To Live By For The Best Life

21 quotes you can't live without

Are you really living? Or just going through the motions of life? 

When it comes to living your best life, having goals and a clear purpose are necessary to be satisfied and fulfilled. And, in order to achieve your dreams with intent it all begins with your mindset. Your ability to show up with confidence each day and do whatever your heart desires will get you one step closer to your destination. So if you are searching for the answers to living an abundant lifestyle, then look within. 

Here are 21 Quotes To Live By:

1.Your Daily Routine Determines Your Success

What you do each day will determine the outcome of your goals. By consistently taking action every morning towards what you want most is the quickest way to achieve success. We are accountable for our big picture success with each small task we do on a daily basis. 

2. Strive To Thrive And Feel Alive In All That You Do

If you’re actively doing something you’re not passionate about, it will be difficult to live a healthy and happy life. When you follow our heart and do what makes you feel alive, then you are thriving and living accordingly to what’s important to you. Do what sets your soul on fire. 

3. Flow. Grow. Sow.

When you are living in the present moment, then you are flowing through life. When you are working on your mindset to reach your goals, then you are growing. And, when flow and grow come together, then you reap the benefits of what you sow. 

4. Old Patterns Prevent You From Achieving Progress

If you aren’t achieving your goals in life, then you have to adjust your strategy and mindset around your goal. Adjusting your behaviors and patterns will allow you to realign with the best route to achieve your end goal. You are the catalyst to changing your life. 

5. The Most Important Person You Can Invest In Is Yourself

Relationships come and go in life, so the best thing you can do if focus on you. When you focus on building your own life, then whatever comes and goes in your life won’t impair you or set you back. Yes, you may mourn the loss, yet you will confidently keep pursuing your passion and purpose in life. Do you and be you!

6. A Positive Mindset Equals A Positive Life

Your mindset is your most powerful tool in achieving success in life. If you have a negative mindset and engage in self-sabotaging behaviors (or self-blame game) it will be difficult to have the confidence you need to live happily. The more positive your thoughts, the more positive life you will live. 

7. Make Yourself A Priority

Self-love and self-care are essentials to your healthy lifestyle goals. If you don’t take care of yourself first and value who you are, it will be difficult to achieve anything else you desire. 

8. Fear Robs You Of Happiness

Fear is like death. When you operate from fear, you hold yourself back from manifesting what it is you truly desire. If you operate from your heart, anything is possible. 

9. A Resilient Mindset Reaps The Reward

Life will always throw you a lemon from time to time. How you handle the setback determines your success. When you have a resilient mindset you don’t allow the setbacks to stand in your way. You push forward, overcome what didn’t work, and create a new strategy that does. 

10. You Have Everything You Need Within You

Not happy with where you are at in life? You are the catalyst to transforming your life and reaching your goals. When you’re struggling to find answers look within and use your strengths to give you direction. 

11. I Am Aware I Am Rare

Everyone is there own unique soul and that is your superpower. Your quirks, flaws, and individual characteristics is what makes you stand out in the crowd. When you own who you are this naturally draws others to you.

12. Your Biggest Strengths Come From Your Struggles

No matter who you are, you will face struggles in life. But, it’s what you do with those struggles that determine your path in life. You can allow your setbacks to hold you back or you can turn you pain into productivity and positivity. 

13. If You Want To Excel, Eliminate Excuses And Expectations

You can make excuses all day long as to why something isn’t happening in your life, but you are the one in control and hold the power to making it happen. When there is a will, there is a way. And, that goes for eliminating expectations as well. Expectations lead to failure, not success. When you focus on the outcome versus the process of reaching your goal, it will hold you back altogether. Let go of expectations and excuses and you will be able to excel in what your heart desires.

14. Being Rich Comes From Having The Things Money Can’t Buy

Money looks like happiness on the outside, but it can be furthest from the truth. It just makes life easier. True fulfillment comes from your passions, purpose in life, and the moments you share with those closest to you in life. You cannot buy love, time, effort, honesty, health, friends, happiness, or what drives your soul. Happiness comes from within and that is priceless. 

15. If Our Beliefs Don’t Change, Our Actions Stay The Same

Your mind is your most powerful tool to achieving what it is you want in life. Yet, if your beliefs aren’t in alignment with your goals it will be difficult to reach them. Your mindset has to remove any bullsh*t beliefs that are holding you back, so your actions will lead you towards your goals. Believe in you, we do!

16. Never Let Success Get To Your Head. Never Let Failure Get To Your Heart.

A humble spirit and mind keeps you grateful. Remember those who help you climb to the top because one day you could be at the bottom and need their support again. And, no matter how successful you are, you’ll face failures along with way. Success isn’t born overnight. But with each failure you will gain more insight towards the road to success. So follow your heart and passion – no matter what. 

17. You Are The Catalyst To Changing Your Life For The Better

Everything you want in life is up to you. You are in the power seat to chase any dream you have. No matter how big or small, a baby step each day in the right direction gets you one step closer than you were before. You got this!

18. Your Health Is Your Wealth

If you don’t have your health, then it will be difficult to achieve what it is your heart desires. Self-care is essential to your growth. Try to do something each day that boosts your health, like a workout, a meditation, journaling or eating a healthy meals. Your body will thank you and reward you in life.

19. Not Everything Deserves A Response

Sometimes the best thing you can give to a person who did you wrong is the blessing of silence. Let your actions speak louder than words. And silence is the best way to own your power in any situation that’s not respectful and remove yourself from the toxicity. 

20. Be Yourself Because No One Else Can Be You

You are a unique soul and no one can take that away from you. When you embrace who you are from the inside out, you will shine. Others will be drawn to you like a magnet, when you accept you. By finding self-acceptance, you become indestructible. 

21. When You Live In The Now, You Have Won The Moment

When you live in the past or the future, you aren’t living in the present moment. Living in the now is the best way to grow a connection with yourself or others to feel like you are winning in life. When we can’t change the past nor predict the outcome of the future, then its best not to live in your head. You will prevent yourself from enjoying the best moments that you can’t get back. When you focus on the NOW, you have WON!