11 Things Your Partner Says and What It Really Means

Sometimes your significant other says something which catches you off guard. You are mind-boggled and have no idea what they are talking about, but you just go with the flow and enjoy the moment acting like it's no big deal.

You continue to enjoy the night hanging out even though you can’t stop thinking about what your partner said. It’s like their words are on repeat in your head blaring louder and louder and you can’t tune it out.

An hour later, your partner asks if you are okay because you haven’t said much and you totally brush it off. You are starting to think about the worst-case scenario but you want to make sure you aren’t getting ahead of yourself before you talk with your best friend or skim the web for what it means.

Here are 11 Things Your Partner Says (And How To Decode Them):

1.“I’m Bored With Our Relationship”

Your partner is looking to spice things up a bit as they feel the relationship has become too routine and they are looking for a little excitement. Whether it's planning a fun night out at a hot spot or going to a concert for live entertainment, they are wanting to turn things up a notch. While it may feel like a personal dig at the moment, try not to take it to heart. It’s definitely more about them needing to stir up new energy than feeling like the relationship has reached a dead end.

2.“Let’s Get A Dog”

This is a one-liner your partner may say to see if you are ready to start a family. While getting a dog is far from the responsibility of caring for a baby 24/7, your partner is seeking to see how you feel about expanding your relationship with shared responsibility and deeper commitment. Being able to commit to something bigger than just the two of you is saying let’s be puppy parents.

3.“Can We Talk About This Later?”

When your partner says this they are deflecting from having a conversation because they are too tired, hungry, or not feeling like their best self to solve the relationship issue. While it can feel hurtful and seem like they don’t care, it’s best to ask when would be a better time to talk so it doesn’t get slid under the rug. Giving them space before talking can help bring a solution to the problem.

4.“My Friends Really Like You”

Your partner broke the news to their group of friends over the weekend saying you're officially together. While you appreciate the acknowledgment, it probably has you wondering what was said about you. Perhaps, your partner seeks their friend’s approval or is proud they are finally in a healthy relationship with you!

5.“I Need Some Space”

This can be a good thing….or not so good...let’s break down. When a partner says they need some space, it mostly means they have been spending too much time together and need some me-time or wish to see their friends. It could also mean they are getting scared of a bigger commitment and avoiding emotional intimacy. Regardless, it