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Jan & Jillian Yuhas, MA,CPC



Jan Yuhas and Jillian Yuhas, MA, CPC, Business Coaches and Boundary Specialists, help entrepreneurs and executives achieve optimal fulfillment, establish healthy boundaries, and confidently communicate their values to create meaningful relationships in every facet of their lifestyle while achieving financial freedom.  

Growing up in a twinship, Jan and Jillian have always given each other sage advice. Their mirroring and reflecting are a never-ending reminder of their personal development and professional growth. Their secure bond provides unconditional support while simultaneously inducing their self-discovery of healthy differences. They both value their independence while embracing their sisterly duo.

Their passion to help others began at the early age of 21 when they volunteered at the National Runaway Safeline. During their volunteer experience, they helped mediate high-conflict conversations between parent(s) and their teens who ran away from home. They provided compassionate guidance and solutions to the families in order to work through their challenges and unresolved differences prior to the child returning home. Jan and Jillian’s dedication to volunteer work inspired and fueled their interest to want to help others overcome their relationship struggles, which lead to graduate school in psychology. 

Jan and Jillian’s experience and background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – University of Illinois at Chicago

  • Masters of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy – Adler School of Professional Psychology

  • Certified Professional Coach – Certified Life Coach Institute 

  • Certified Mediator – Center for Conflict Resolution

  • Certified Crisis Counselor – National Runaway Safeline

  • Certified Deception Detection and Body Language Expert – Stu Dunn Behavioral Science Consultancy

  • Certified Micro-Expressions Expert – Dr. Paul Ekman 

They are also frequently found on media outlets as contributing relationship experts to YahooLifestyle, WikiHow, YahooSports, The Jam TV, SheFactor, Macy’s, TastyTrade, Adler University, ThoughtCatalog, Graphic, The Good Men Project, Latina, YourTango, Unwritten, Everyday Power, and BeYourOwn.


Their areas of expertise include respectful relationships, confidence building, relationship intelligence skills, effective communication techniques, personal and professional growth, work-life balance, increasing emotional intimacy, healthy boundaries, conflict resolution, and lifestyle wellness.

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