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Friends and Family Coaching

Get What You're Worth!

You deserve to have the best relationships in your life. Family and friends who will respect what's important to you, not just because they're tied to you
by birth or association but because they value you in their life. 

We help resolve differences in any type of family or friend situation by guiding you to find your authentic voice so you can reach out and set boundaries without feeling hesitant about how they will react to your needs.

Sometimes, loved ones may not understand your life choices or relationships as they have an ideal vision for you. However, you will want to learn how to best navigate these situations so you feel powerful and honor your worth. 

Our relationship coaching will help you be able to bridge the gap between your differences so you feel valued, respected, and loved for who you are!


Does This Resonate With You?

  • They aren't making you feel valued in their life

  • They only contact you when it's convenient for them

  • They try to make you feel jealous of their career, relationship, or lifestyle 

  • They judge for your life choices

  • They try to compete with you or one-up you

  • They become defensive when you express your needs

  • They make you feel like a failure by talking down to you

  • They rarely make time to see you

  • They ignore you, then reach out because they need something from you

  • They lack empathy and understanding for your life experiences

  • They refuse to apologize for their actions or personal attacks 

  • They make you feel like you're not good enough for them

  • Your social life with friends and family need a reboot for better alignment


Rachel, Dallas

I reached out to Entwined Lifestyle because of my romantic relationship, but after a few sessions, I realized I needed to work through the walls I had around my relationship with my mom. It was definitely preventing me from being vulnerable. I had my mom join me for coaching and we are healing together. Everything I have learned has given me peace of mind and the freedom to not care what others think. If you are on the fence, just do it. You will be amazed how much better you will feel and your relationships become way easier. 


Family relationships can greatly impact you and your relationships as its where you first learn about love and trust. Being able to heal childhood wounds and end generational family patterns can be beneficial for all family members. 

Happy Family Portrait

Our Boundary Badass Method gives you a voice in getting your emotional needs met to increase respect, establish constructive interactions, and form a "WE" mentality within the relationship. Boundaries are your lifeline to relationship success. 


Friendships can be some of your most important connections in your life as you may treat them like family. However, the bond may not feel mutual. Knowing how to increase mutual respect and create better alignment can improve your social life. 

What you have been taught about relationships is the opposite of what works for a healthy relationship. 

  • Defending yourself does not work.

  • Expressing your inner feelings does not work.

  • Raising your voice to get your loved ones' attention does not work.

  • Ignoring them does not work.

  • Giving ultimatums does not work.  

What will work? 

  • Asking discovery questions to gain insight does work.

  • Using your relationship values to meet your needs does work.

  • Listening more and talking less does work. 

  • Confidently and calmly owning your inner voice does work.  

  • Setting boundaries for mutual respect does work. 


How Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Relationship Goals:

  • Master the skills to create remarkable relationships

  • Discover how to diffuse conflict quickly without damaging your connection

  • Learn how to express your honest thoughts without judgment

  • Set healthy boundaries like a badass for mutual respect

  • Speak with assertiveness to be heard and understood

  • Learn how to be a high-value person 

  • Embrace your most authentic self and inner confidence 

  • Achieve inner peace and tranquility  

  • Let go of old stories or situations that no longer serve a purpose

  • Eliminate family generational patterns that keep you stuck

  • Honor your worth because you know the value you bring to their life

  • Find deeper insight and understanding based on your interactions 


How We Can Work Together:

As International Relationship Coaches, we work with our clients virtually via audio or video. During your weekly coaching session, we will establish the root of your relationship challenges, provide expert insight, and implement techniques to achieve your relationship goals.

What Is Included:

  • A customizable coaching plan aligned to your relationship goals 

  • Daily message support to gain insight and feedback for the best relationship results

  • Expert relationship skills that will help you speak with confidence

  • Access to our Boundary Badass Course

  • Psychological techniques to deepen emotional intimacy, diffuse discord quickly, and create an unbreakable bond for a lifetime

I noticed how I am always reaching out to my family or close friends. It started to make me feel sad like they didn't care if I was in their life. Then this past year, I had a really bad experience being at home a lot, and I realized I needed to make new friends who actually cared. Learning how to set boundaries has been the biggest blessing of my life. I feel like my friends and family respect me more and I'm not the one who has to contact them first. Thank you for all your help! 


Alisha, Charleston


Helene, Toronto

I am not sure where to begin as I have changed my entire life. I grew up in a small town, so family and friends were all you really have. I felt somewhat dependent on people for my happiness because I was always the social butterfly. I ended up attracting an unhealthy partner because I was co-dependent on the people closest to me. I have learned to overcome my challenges and find happiness in my own life versus outwardly seeking it from others. I am grateful for the experience as I feel more at ease and today date a partner who is healthy for me. I'm still very social but in a way that respects my personal boundaries.