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Professional Relationship Coaching

Get What You're Worth!

If you find yourself constantly feeling disrespected and undervalued by your co-workers, clients, or chief executive officer, or confused about your professional development that will meet your long-term career goals, don't worry.

Professional relationship coaching will help you resolve conflicts and differences in your professional relationships and raise the bar for career advancement so that
everything runs smoothly throughout your workday. You'll experience greater happiness, grow your net worth, and increase your productivity and performance rate
to experience career success.

You deserve success from working at home or professionally in the field!!

Does This Resonate With You?

  • They aren't making you feel valued at work

  • They give you attitude when you ask about team projects

  • They aren't staying accountable for their workload 

  • They walk into your office without permission

  • They call you when it's convenient for them to discuss work

  • They become defensive when you ask them a question

  • They make excuses despite an urgent deadline

  • They point the finger at you for loss of revenue 

  • They devalue your credibility and professional work ethic 

  • They over promise and under deliver on bonuses or raises

  • They flip the script when you address their behaviors 

  • They contact you outside work hours for personal favors

  • You are ready for career advancement to get what you're worth!


Christine, Ft. Lauderdale

I worked with Jillian on how to deal with my toxic boss as it was causing lots of sleepless nights and affecting my work productivity. I learned how to establish healthy boundaries based on my professional values so I could feel more at peace in the office. Also, found out my work relationships are very similar to my personal relationships-mind-blowing. Coaching has literally has changed my life and gave me a new perspective on all my relationships, thank you for all your help! 

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We help professionals identify their expertise, career choices, and professional opportunities to strive towards professional success that brings financial fulfillment and long-term satisfaction.

Business Women Planning

Our Boundary Badass Method gives our clients a voice in getting their professional needs met to increase mutual respect, establish constructive interactions, and form long-lasting partnerships. 

Smiling Man

Most often workplace relationship problems start with a lack of effective communication channels and poor conflict resolution skills. Coaching will help you achieve clarity while reaching your professional relationship goals.  

What you have been taught about relationships is the opposite of what works for healthy professional relationships. 

  • Defending yourself does not work.

  • Expressing your inner feelings does not work.

  • Raising your voice to get respect does not work.

  • Avoiding work functions does not work.

  • Staying silent does not work.  

What will work? 

  • Asking discovery questions to gain insight does work.

  • Using your professional values to meet your needs does work.

  • Listening more and talking less does work. 

  • Confidently and calmly owning your inner voice does work.  

  • Setting boundaries for mutual respect does work. 

Success From Our Clients 


How Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Professional Goals:

  • Master the skills that will elevate your career to the next level

  • Discover how to diffuse conflict quickly without damaging your connections

  • Learn how to inspire better teamwork through leadership skills

  • Set healthy boundaries like a badass for mutual respect

  • Speak with assertiveness to be heard and understood

  • Learn how to showcase your credibility with confidence

  • Embrace your most authentic self without feeling guilty  

  • Achieve healthy professional relationships at work 

  • Let go of what is no longer serving you to thrive as a valuable person

  • Establish a work-life balance to achieve success in every facet of your life

  • Choose a career that excites you every day 


How We Can Work Together:

As International Relationship Coaches, we work with our clients virtually via audio or video. During your weekly coaching session, we will establish the root of your professional work challenges, provide expert insight, and implement techniques to achieve your career goals.

What Is Included:

  • A customizable coaching plan aligned to your professional relationship and career goals 

  • Daily message support to gain insight and feedback for the best results

  • Expert relationship skills that will elevate your career at any stage

  • Email support for constructive conversations with clients and colleagues

  • Work-life balance scheduling

  • Access to our Boundary Badass Course

  • Psychological techniques to build professional partnerships, diffuse discord quickly at the office, and create a work-life you desire

I was feeling dissatisfied with my job and looking for a way to make a change. Jan helped me take a dive into my personality and lifestyle choices to learn more about my strengths and shortcomings for career satisfaction. I definitely have challenged myself and improved some of my professional skills to become a better leader. While doing this, I was approached with a new job title and role with my current job and now feel valuable to the team. 


Sam, New York City

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I own a digital branding company but was struggling to make time for my partner, take care of my kids, and keep my clients happy. It seemed like I was being pulled in all directions and had no time for myself. Working with Jillian helped me get organized in my company so I had more free time. I also discovered how to deal with conflict better instead of brushing it under the rug. I am a happy person but any time conflict would arise I would shut down and not deal with it. Today, I have more inner peace, better relationships, and can actually spend time with my family. 

Jeanette, Atlanta