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 Business Coaching
For Entrepreneurs
And Executives

Get   What   You're  Worth!

Are you an entrepreneur who has found your calling? 

You’re creating your dream business, 

but are ready to elevate it to the next level?

What's Holding You Back? 

Have you laid awake all night wondering where to start when it comes to accelerating your business? 


Perhaps, you have lots of questions running through your mind on top of your daily to-do list that is never-ending.


You may even have thought who can I trust when it comes to hiring a coach who is right for you?  

You probably want a coach who is as creative as you, savvy about branding your business, knows how to attract your ideal clients effortlessly, help you obtain what you’re worth, and can run a business like a well-oiled machine.


If that is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place. 

And, what you don’t want is a coach who lacks accountability, integrity, communication, and strategy. You want someone who takes your business investment as seriously as you do! 


With 15 years of running multiple businesses under our belt, we have got you covered! 


Let's Look At Your Current Business Challenges And Past Options You Have Tried:  


Roland, Chicago

I have worked with Entwined Lifestyle for a couple of years, and continue to do so. Their knowledge and expertise have been so positively impactful in all aspects of my life.No matter what type of situation or challenge comes up for me, they are immediately there for me with a calming and guiding presence, enlightening insight, and collaboration in developing an effective plan of action. I also try to listen in every time they are on social media, a podcast, or etc, because even I’m not able to directly relate to a particular topic of the discussion, I know I will still learn some extremely valuable knowledge.

Modern Workspace

Real Talk

We help creative, heart-centered, badass entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level to achieve financial freedom. Your success is our success!

We can assure you we are different from the rest when it comes to hiring a coach. We are identical twins who keep it REAL. And, if you have a sister then you know what we mean. We are going to keep it REAL with you too when it comes to your business growth. 

We aren’t cutthroat or egotistical like so many other coaches. We are down-to-earth, transparent, and will get you outside of your comfort zone in a way you didn’t know was possible. 

We will be vulnerable with you just as you are with us because we believe mutually beneficial relationships are the foundation of

REAL transformation. 

A previous coach or mentor who didn’t understand your business wasted your time and hard earned income. As an entrepreneur, we know your time is valuable.

You’ve tried online courses but didn’t get much out of them as they weren’t personalized - your business unique and one-of-a-kind like you and everything in our 1:1 coaching is specific to your mission

You opted to get advice from a fellow entrepreneur but still don’t have a solid growth plan - Friends and fellow entrepreneurs may off great tips but unless you are setting side specific time to get serious about your goals they probably weren’t much help


What you have been taught about relationships is the opposite of what works for a healthy relationship. 

  • Defending yourself


  • Expressing your feelings


  • Giving ultimatums 


Reactive mode typically exacerbates the challenges and creates power struggles.

Feelings aren't facts and can

make it challenging to get 

emotional needs met.

Ultimatums are fear-based and will push a partner away.


You made the decision to create a business that is true to you, a mission that inspires you daily, and growth that gives you the opportunity to live financially free, all while working with exceptional clients who respect your brand. You took the risk to believe in yourself and achieved greater fulfillment. 

It’s time to break away from what no longer works. Success begins the day you set yourself free and honor the true you. Today is that day. The day you begin to discover what you’re exactly made of and share it with the world. 

This is not a one size fits all program. This is specifically tailored to who you are, your business, and the lives you want to impact. With a coach who is committed to falling in love with your business just as much as you. 

What if this year you put yourself first and became a real business badass? 

This is your year to create authority as the real you, and to live in your life in luxury. The year where you stand up for what you're made of, own your potential and set your soul on fire.

What if you woke up one morning and could finally say you are living the dream…
Because this isn’t just about you, it’s about your purpose and mission…

It’s time to become the business badass you are meant to be

You are most likely striving for financial freedom and a reputation that keeps on giving. And, like you, we are going to create a unique coaching experience for you.  

Every day you get up and chase your WHY.
Why do you run your business, why does it inspire you, why is your mission unique, why do your clients matter, and why does your business matter in giving your financial freedom?

But, maybe there are a few glitches you haven’t been able to iron out to get your WHY out there to everyone else. 


You’re trading your inner peace to make money and your lifestyle has zero boundaries. Your business runs you, you don’t run it.

You’re a perfectionist and fear being judged or rejected if everything isn’t perfect. At some point, something kept you from believing in your full potential, and it created a mindset block to accelerating your business. 

You’re selling yourself short and charging low prices, giving away stuff for free, or settling just to get by. You feel stuck but are unsure how to flip things to the vision you dreamed of

You wake up every morning exhausted and have let your business overtake your life. You have no boundaries and are stuck pleasing everyone else but yourself. 

You have worries and self-doubts that keep you in your emotions and are unable to see a path forward with no real strategy or plan to meet your goals.

Here is what

you need to do:


get uncomfortable

Releasing control can be scary as can taking risks, but you’ve already taken one of the greatest risks to starting your own business. So you’re halfway there. The next is getting in touch with the REAL inner you so you can bring your mission to a whole new level. Trusting the process of growth can seem like it’s full of uncertainty but we will show you exactly how to create the certainty you desire. 

Become badass

It’s time to become unbreakable and unshakeable in running your business. There may have been plenty of waves to ride out when starting your business but now it’s time to create clarity, value, communicate, and brand your company to your market. 

Strategic results

You want someone who is going to tell you what works and what doesn’t. How to monetize your business and build your brand, while creating real relationships with your clientele. A plan that sets you up for long-term success. 

The Results You're
Going To Get

How to monetize and create consistent profitability in your business


Create a high-value brand that

speaks for itself


Attract your dream clients and get them to say “yes” to your value,

not price


Achieve greater lifestyle freedom and fulfillment


Own your business mindset and become a badass



Develop a strategic plan to brand and attract your ideal clients. Create consistent growth, value and achieve financial freedom.


Relationship intelligence and setting boundaries are the forefront of running a successful business. Boundaries are your lifeline to success. 


Create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of and live on your terms with greater fulfillment.

"The Daily Journey Is Invaluable But Believing in Your Business, Your Self-Worth, and Your Expertise, Will Empower You To Step Forward Into Your Highest Potential To Get What You're Worth"

A few months ago, I found myself in a very unhappy place. I had just ended another relationship, and at 47/never married I was beginning to think I needed to look deep within myself to see what was going on. In addition to struggling with that, I was also beginning to question my life purpose.
Even though I was already involved with a psychologist, the day I met Jillian, I knew this was a journey worth taking with her. As we worked together, Jillian invested all of her knowledge and background into understanding me. She made me feel very self-aware of how I had been personally holding myself back. She has an immense amount of insight and background in so many areas of everyday living (relationships and work). Thanks to Jillian, I have a much more confident and healthier mindset. Having our paths crossed was truly a blessing to me.


Blair, Philadelphia

100% Guaranteed.png

Emily, Denver

I can not say enough positive things about Entwined Lifestyle. I worked with Jan for about 7 months and she genuinely changed my life for the better. Jan helped me to work through different relationships in my life and helped me to process stressful situations in a healthy way. I felt I could really come to Jan with anything and it was never minimized. Her process helped me to stay on a path of growth, even when I made mistakes. She is also very flexible in terms of finding a schedule that works for you. Jan is supportive, kind, honest and understanding but makes you work the process and it’s not always easy! That is the beauty of what Jan does, in a way where you actually feel the change from within because of the work you put into it.


Get   What   You're Worth! 

Private 1:1 Business Badass Experience

What's Included

Weekly 60-Minute Private 1:1 Coaching + Strategy Calls

Mindset Exercises + Business Techniques

Business Execution + Growth Plan 

Daily Messaging + Email Support 

Client Attraction Marketing + Branding 

Foundational Operations + Systems

Bonus: Relationship Intelligence Revenue Blueprint 

Bonus: Email Communication Etiquette 

Bonus: Self-Care and Self-Love Guide

3 - 6 - 12 Month Options Available 


We know what it takes to grow multiple businesses, build remarkable relationships, maintain a growth mindset, and sustain work-life balance. 

Regardless if you have experience running a business, just starting out, or are ready to expand to the next level, we have been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship for the past 15 years until...we transformed to where we are today, Business Badasses!

At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, we learned that motivation, determination, resilience, and consistency weren't going to come from anywhere but ourselves. We had to fuel our passion and purpose if we wanted to feel powerful. There were nights and weekends spent working around the clock to either make ends meet or work on our business goals.  

But the one thing we never let slide through the crack was ourselves or our relationships, both personally and professionally. While it can be challenging to manage work-life balance and build a business, it's important to find a rhythm that supports your health and wealth. 


Personal and Professional Boundaries help us live our best life so we run our businesses, and they don't run us! 

"As Entrepreneurs, It Requires A Different Kind of Mindset and Level of Commitment Like No Other. Our Inner Strength Is What Keeps The Fire Burning While Building For Our Dream Lifestyles"
After completion of your personalized business coaching plan, you will...
Be A Business Badass Who's Ready To Unleash
Your Expertise 
Know How To Build Remarkable Relationships + Maintain Them 
Have A Healthy Relationship With Money For Financial Freedom
Feel Confident and About Your Brand + Business Path Forward 
Learn How To Use Your Voice In A Powerful Way To Show Value  
Know How To Handle Objections Or Client Issues With Ease