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 Boundary Badass Coaching

Get   What   You're  Worth!

Do you feel people take advantage of you? 

Your friends, family, colleagues, or boss will listen to you, 

but simultaneously turn around and disrespect you.


It's Time To Stop Selling Yourself Short

And Start Honoring You're Self-Worth

Become a Boundary Badass. Be Heard. Be valued.

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Inner peace depends on your internal power to honor your self-worth and exude integrity


Connect to your authentic inner voice and express your needs with exceptional value


Confidently get what you're worth. Only you can determine your value and set boundaries


Current Lifestyle Challenges You May Have:  

I attract unhealthy partners and friendships that leaves me feeling undervalued and unappreciated

I have unresolved emotional wounds and generational trauma that leaves me

feeling unworthy and ignored

I work in a toxic workplace culture on a daily basis that leaves me feeling burnout and undervalued

Every day you get up and look in the mirror and wonder if will today be different. 

But, maybe there are a few glitches you haven’t been able to figure out as to WHY others aren’t meeting your needs or valuing you in your relationships.


You’re trading your inner peace to make others happy while sacrificing your needs. You’re too fearful of their reaction.

At some point, something has kept you from valuing your self-worth, and its created a mindset block in being seen as an equal in your relationships and connections. 

You’re selling yourself short and accepting less than par treatment from others, giving and never receiving, or settling for mediocre relationships. You feel stuck but are unsure how to flip things to have the lifestyle and relationships you dream of.

You wake up every morning emotionally exhausted and let others have control over how you are allowed to act and feel. You are stuck feeling triggered and powerless.

You have self-doubts that keep you hiding from the world and are unable to see a path forward with no real way to change the situation. 

Jan + Jillian are...

Advisors to a wealth of professionals with unique backgrounds and upbringings

Featured experts on relationship intelligence and leadership

Authors of Boundary Badass

Entrepreneurs for the last 15 years and co-founders of several relationship-based businesses.

Creators of the Boundary Badass course and method

Here Is What You Need...
(That No One Ever Told You)


A simple strategy and method

so you can speak up during times of conflict

A relationship-focused accountability plan that ensures trust and integrity

A value system that becomes your roadmap so you no longer feel confused

A process that identifies triggers and limits so you can have inner peace and freedom 

This is about YOU
being you…

This is not a one-size-fits all program. This is specifically tailored to who you are, your goals, and the life you want to create for yourself. With a coach who is committed to being by your side every step of the way. 


What if this year you put yourself first and became INVINCIBLE, UNSHAKEABLE, UNBREAKABLE? 


This is your year to create conviction and confidence when you speak and to own your value from the inside out. The year where you stand up for what you believe in, and what you deserve, and don't let anyone get in your way. 


It’s time to become the Boundary Badass you are meant to be...

And, achieve a fulfilling lifestyle that keeps on giving you freedom and inner peace.


I worked with Jillian on how to deal with my toxic boss as it was causing lots of sleepless nights and affecting my work productivity. I learned how to establish healthy boundaries based on my professional values so I could feel more at peace in the office. Also, found out my work relationships are very similar to my personal relationships-mind-blowing. Coaching has literally changed my life and given me a new perspective on all my relationships, thank you for all your help! 

Christine, Atlanta

The Results You're
Going To Get

Increase confidence and become unstoppable in commanding respect


Transform your inner voice to

be heard and understood


Attract healthier relationships and elevate your value


Achieve greater lifestyle freedom

and fulfillment

Own your self-worth and

become a Boundary Badass




Develop a strategic plan to elevate your life and attract people who respect you. Create consistent growth, own your self-worth, and achieve freedom and happiness.


Relationship intelligence and setting boundaries are at the forefront of thriving in life. Boundaries are your lifeline to success and inner peace.


Create the lifestyle you have always dreamed of and live on your terms with greater fulfillment, achieve work-life balance, and not feel like you need a vacation from life.

Setting boundaries is having the integrity to respect ourselves, even when others are unable to see our value

A few months ago, I found myself in a very unhappy place. I had just ended another relationship, and at 47/never married I was beginning to think I needed to look deep within myself to see what was going on. In addition to struggling with that, I was also beginning to question my life purpose. Even though I was already involved with a psychologist, the day I met Jillian, I knew this was a journey worth taking with her. As we worked together, Jillian invested all of her knowledge and background into understanding me. She made me feel very self-aware of how I had been personally holding myself back. She has an immense amount of insight and background in so many areas of everyday living (relationships and work). Thanks to Jillian, I have a much more confident and healthier mindset. Having our paths crossed was truly a blessing to me.


Jeanette, Dallas


Sean, New York

I can not say enough positive things about Entwined Lifestyle. I worked with Jan for about 7 months and she genuinely changed my life for the better. Jan helped me to work through different relationships in my life and helped me to process stressful situations in a healthy way. I felt I could really come to Jan with anything and it was never minimized. Her process helped me to stay on a path of growth, even when I made mistakes. She is also very flexible in terms of finding a schedule that works for you. Jan is supportive, kind, honest and understanding but makes you work the process and it’s not always easy! That is the beauty of what Jan does, in a way where you actually feel the change from within because of the work you put into it. I have never felt healthier and happier.

Become a Boundary Badass. Be Heard. Be valued.


Get   What   You're Worth! 

Private 1:1 Boundary 
Badass Experience


What's Included

Weekly 60-Minute Private 1:1 Coaching + Strategy Calls

Mindset Exercises + Techniques

Customized Coaching Notes 

Daily Messaging + Email Support 

Law of Attraction + Manifestation 

Online Boundary Badass Course

Bonus: Confidently You Course

Bonus: Self-Care + Self-Love Guide

3 - 6 - 12 Month Options Available 


We know what it takes to grow multiple businesses, build remarkable relationships, maintain a growth mindset, and sustain work-life balance. 

Regardless if you have experience running a business, just starting out, or are ready to expand to the next level, we have been through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship for the past 15 years until...we transformed to where we are today, Business Badasses!

At the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey, we learned that motivation, determination, resilience, and consistency weren't going to come from anywhere but ourselves. We had to fuel our passion and purpose if we wanted to feel powerful. There were nights and weekends spent working around the clock to either make ends meet or work on our business goals.  

But the one thing we never let slide through the crack was ourselves or our relationships, both personally and professionally. While it can be challenging to manage work-life balance and build a business, it's important to find a rhythm that supports your health and wealth. 


Personal and Professional Boundaries help us live our best life so we run our businesses, and they don't run us! 

Boundaries are about finding the courage to choose your worth during times of adversity
Here Is What You Will Gain...
Become A Badass Who's Ready
To Unleash
Your Inner Power 
Create Remarkable Relationships To Feel Heard + Understood
Design A Fulfilling Lifestyle + Achieve Freedom
Confidently Speak with Conviction + Own it Like No Other
Use Your Voice To Position Your  Value + Self-Respect
Resolve Differences With Ease + Elevate Your Connections
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